Corners with or without mesh?

Internal or External insulation? Which one is better ?
February 7, 2022


Corners with or without mesh?

When you decide to insulate your home, you have many benefits that are beneficial not only for you, but also for the walls of the house. In winter, when the outside temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius, thanks to the insulation, we will not feel cold inside because the cold will not enter. In summer, on hot days, we will feel a pleasant coolness. More information on why it is worth doing external wall insulation can be found here 


Today we will take a closer look at the corners in externall wall insulatio. Well-fitted corners are a good functionality of our external wall insulation in the future. 


What is a corner in the insulation?

Well-made insulation looks really beautiful. The structure of thin plaster protects against weather conditions. In order for the wall to have a strong foundation, it is important to use additional reinforcements in places most exposed to damage – in addition to the reinforced mesh.

Aluminum corners must be fixed at the junction of two walls, thanks to which they will protect the corner against various types of damage.

This is a very important stage because these places are the most “protruding” elements in the entire insulation, and when we are mowing our garden, we damage our wall and there will be no additional protection on it, we must reckon with an expensive repair.


Types of Corners for our insulation, which one to choose? 

There are 2 types of polystyrene corners on the market. Your installer will select the correct one.

Styrofoam corner with mesh and polystyrene corner without mesh what is the difference between them? -small but very important for all insulation in the future.

When installing an aluminum corner with mesh, no additional reinforcement in the form of overlaps is needed, so you can easily obtain sharp straight edges and they are not additionally covered with another layer.

In the case of a polystyrene corner without a mesh, such a function is necessary, as cracks may appear in these places in the future. 

The same principle applies to windows and corner which is why this process is so important and you have to remember about it. Metal corners of this type are perfect for various types of recesses and doors.

However, if the corner is not used during externall wall insulation, our plaster will crack in all exposed places. The effects are not only the appearance, but a more serious problem is water that can slowly enter the facade, which will also lead to a damp wall resulting in damp, our heat will escape from the house and the wall insulation will not perform its proper function. The conclusion is the money spent and the insulation damaged.


Every installer knows the consequences of omitting the installation of corners.

In order to prevent such surprises and additional costs in the future, it is worth asking our installer whether he installs corners in very delicate places, where the plaster may be cracked. This will give us peace of mind and confidence that our wall insulation will be correct and will be secured.

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