Trickle Vents – Why are they so important?

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January 11, 2022
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Trickle Vents are part of domestic ventilation. Their task is to supply fresh air masses from the outside, which force circulation in the building, which is the basis of any type of ventilation. In this way, the correct proportions of moisture in the building are ensured, which, together with the exchange of used air, has a real impact on the comfort of living at home. The manufacturers’ offer includes several types of diffusers that ensure ventilation regardless of external conditions, enabling the so-called controlled ventilation.


Window with trickle vents

They support the operation of ventilation, improving the quality of the microclimate in the building and eliminating the phenomenon of water vapor condensation.

A window with an air inlet provides local air supply, i.e. a supply of fresh air to a specific part of the room. This forces a circulation movement. The method of operation of window ventilators is divided into hygrothermal control (they themselves determine the size of the air flow stream, which is strictly dependent on the water vapor content in the room), pressure self-regulation (the amount of air supplied depends on the pressure differences inside and outside the room) and manually controlled models ( manual change of the diffuser damper position). These devices can be installed in new windows and those already installed.


Trickle vents and dampness in the home

Ventilation is the process of exchanging air in a building. It is based on three stages – removing used air, air flow between the rooms of the building and supplying an appropriate amount of outside air. If this cycle is disturbed, the temperature and humidity in the building are incorrect.

When the temperature and humidity in the building is higher, there are anomalies in the form of steamed windows, stuffiness combined with a musty smell, reverse thrust (air blowing from the ventilation grille) and the formation of mold and fungus on the partitions. The most common cause of inhibition of gravity ventilation is the lack of air inlets. In a home with at least one of the above symptoms, diagnosis should begin with improving airflow.    


*Trickle vents is a very important element of the ventilation system in the house – houses without air inlets lack air


Types and placement of trickle vents at home

We sell several types of trickle vents, which differ in the mounting style, control method and additional functions. Trickle Vents are used in rooms and possibly in the kitchen, they should not be installed in bathrooms (a ventilation grate is required here). It is recommended to use diffusers in the amount corresponding to the demand for ventilation air, i.e. in accordance with the cubature of the rooms. At least 2 diffusers must be installed in the house – installing 1 is pointless. They are best placed at the top of the window and at opposite ends of the building. Then we will have the best conditions for forcing the inflow of air from the outside.


Trickle Vents in Winter

A frequent argument of using Trickle Vents is the problem of inflowing air masses in winter, which cool the air and cause the windows to dew. In fact, this is typical of our climate zone and is difficult to circumvent. This is due to the system of gravity ventilation. However, the worst situation is to block the inflow of outside air – then condensation will appear on the glass anyway, but mold on the wall will also appear.

The solution may be to choose Trickle vents with manual control, thanks to which the user can individually, according to a subjective feeling of comfort, slightly limit the inflow of cold masses.

The second sensible move may be to choose the so-called recuperation, i.e. a heating system for incoming air masses. Of course, it is more expensive, but to some extent it prevents unpleasant phenomena.

The most radical solution is to choose a different ventilation system – mechanical ventilation is independent of the seasons and weather, and if it is additionally equipped with a recuperation center, it will always provide us with warm supply air.


Window trickle vents with manual adjustment

                 Trickle vents with recuperation function     

                         Mechanical ventilation








Trickle vents on roof windows

The window joinery dedicated to roofs is characterized by very good tightness, which may disturb ventilation. For this reason, there is also a need to install an air inlet system in this type of window. Window manufacturers offer windows with factory-installed diffusers. Manufacturers also offer background ventilation, which involves the use of a special ventilation flap, thanks to which air flows in even when the window is closed.

It is worth installing Trickle vents, ventilation grilles only in rooms that need it. An airtight house without air circulation is like a closed can in which mold accumulates on the walls, windows and other parts of our house. So that the house is healthy and we can breathe freshly in it and we have warmth, it is influenced by many different factors, including External Wall Insulation, Trickle Vents, appropriate materials, dry walls and many others. It is worth taking care of our home. 

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